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One of the most well known elements of being in the arts or being a creative are the concepts of being freelance and funemployed. I feel like many would argue that they feel like the same thing when you’re in that position. Well, 2019 is the first time that I have experienced it and… it’s stressful.

Anyone who has followed my blog or other channels probably is aware that in December I decided to quit my “muggle” job and take some time out for my mental health and enjoy the Chris. It also gave me a chance to spend some more time focussing on my side-hustle and growing West End Picnic and to be able sit and plan what I need to change to be much happier than I was.

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Since January I have been lucky in that I have had a couple of stints as a casting assistant which meant that I had some form of income and had saved some money from my past job. The scary part is that “funemployed” as many creatives refer to time between jobs is nerve-wracking. Creating content and trying to grow my platforms is a full-time job, and many people that’s what they’re hired to do, but it takes a lot of hard work and time to see any return for it. I’ve always created because it’s when I feel in my element however to devote so much time without a return can become impossible and a dangerous cycle.

So, I’m currently on the hunt for a job to keep me stable but let me work on my career alongside which is a predicament most creatives find themselves in. I can’t lie it’s kind of soul-destroying having to search for a job you don’t want to keep working towards a job that you do, however…that’s life. You fight so you can take flight (I changed it up to something I prefer!).

If you’re in a similar place, how do you cope? My current method is to apply for a couple of posts a day and then spend the rest of the day grafting on my hustle as you never know when a project or something could come along and it stops a mental health decrease. Network, spend time with family and loved ones and also use it as a way to save money and improve your lifestyle. I feel like this lifestyle has taught me how much money I used to carelessly spend on coffees or junk food and cutting it out to save money ended up also improving my diet.

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