Welcome Aeronauts! This is the home of YouTuber and Performer, Aeron James. Hope you enjoy looking through the blog posts, events, merchandise and more!

So I don’t really know what goes on a homepage so here we go…

This website is split up into different sections and I’m going to give you a brief description of each one for you!

First we have my About Page which is where you can find a brief description of me and all of the things that I’ve done in the past or what I am currently up to (it gets updated frequently).

Want to see what my performance history and training is? Then check out my CV Page (also regularly updated).

On this website I also write a blog of all my thoughts and feelings. From being a YouTuber to living in London and finding my place in the Theatre Industry. This blog spans through all of my interests and if it sounds like you’d like it then check out my Blog Page.

Do you want to watch me perform or get to meet me? Check out my Events Page where you can find out where I will be seen next.

I am most well known now for having my YouTube Channel, Aeron James, which is a place where I just let out all of my feelings and emotions on different subjects and communities I am a part of such as the Theatre Community, LGBT+ Community and Disney Community. If you would like to check out my videos then check out the Videos Page.

Aeron James and Aeronauts merchandise and other fun things can be found on my Shop Page.

Want to contact me for business enquiries or join the Aeronauts Newsletter? Check out my Contact Page.

Lots of Love,

Aeron x

Headshot by Natalie Lomako Photography

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