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My DECHOX challenge has begun and so far I can say that I have survived two days without chocolate and so far it has not been too hard. When I first decided to take part in The British Heart Foundation’s #DECHOX challenge I knew that the first few days would either be the hardest or easiest of the month and this month I can say they have been the easiest due to my circumstances.

Feeling the chill from #TheBeastFromTheEast
Feeling the chill from #TheBeastFromTheEast!

This week I am currently “on holiday”, this meaning that I took a week of paid holiday from my work, made no plans based in London for the week and then packed my bags and headed to my family home for the week. I can say this was helpful for the dechox challenge as it has meant that I am currently in a house with a variety of food options and because of the snow from #TheBeastFromTheEast it means that I have rarely left the house so I have not had the temptation of chocolate flavoured coffees etc and have just stuck to regular teas or coffee and then just a Mary Poppins “spoonful of sugar” to keep my sweet tooth calm.

I am already partially worried for next Monday as I feel that is when the true challenge shall begin for me as then all of my food and drink decisions will be totally mine as I don’t do any kind of group cooking or shopping with my housemates and when living in London I mainly buy my food and drinks on the go. 

It's #ChoxAway to chocolate for a month! My final piece of chocolate!
It’s #ChoxAway to chocolate for a month! My final piece of chocolate!

I also have not felt a difference in my mood or general health so far since quitting chocolate. I think at the moment my biggest issue is that I am using other forms of sweets as a crutch instead of taking the opportunity to introduce more fruit into my diet. This is a plan to try from Monday as at the moment I am giving myself a little bit of liberty as it is my holiday week plus I feel like I first need to get used to not eating chocolate before I reduce the amount of sugary treats that I eat. My plan on Day Three is to possibly weigh myself so that at the end of the month I can have a better indication as to whether the challenge actually has had an effect on my lifestyle or not. For me scales have always been a big enemy as I know that I am prone to becoming obsessive over things like this however I think for the purpose of this challenge it is a good initiative.

I have decided to write a blog post either every day or every other day to keep you up to date with how my dechox challenge is going. I am also going to try and take short video clips everyday to compile into a YouTube video at the end of the month so that you can watch my no chocolate journey (ala BuzzFeed). At the moment I think that this challenge may succeed in breaking a long-term habit but whilst I am at home I don’t feel like I’m feeling the withdrawal symptoms as much. So now let’s head into Day Three with a good mindset!

If you would like to sponsor me and help raise money for research to prevent heart disease then click here and if you would rather not or can’t sponsor but would like to send me some Aeronaut Art or AeroMail then head to my Contacts Page to send me some love!

Keep Smiling Aeronauts!

Lots of Love,

AJ x

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