#DECHOX For The Heart

Hey Aeronauts,

This month I have decided to have a #DECHOX. This means that for the month of March I will not be eating any form of chocolate to fundraise for the charity, the British Heart Foundation. The charity raise awareness and research into ways to save lives from heart disease which is the UK’s single biggest killer.

I have always wanted to do one of these monthly challenges and to test myself to raise money for a worthy cause. I had thought about doing Dry January but I rarely drink or only drink in moderation so it would not have been much of a challenge and I’m not a smoker so any of those challenges would not have been applicable either. #DECHOX however suits me perfectly as I have recently made it a goal that I need to start eating better and get more in shape. One of my biggest issues I have found is my habit of buying chocolate and eating it just as quickly. I’m one of those people that buys a jar of Nutella and then gets his spoon out. Moderation with chocolate has never been my thing so this month I am going to cut it out so I can find healthier alternatives but then also means that hopefully I then will not be such a sweet tooth when I reintroduce chocolate when we hit April.

Throughout the month I will try and blog/vlog/Instagram/Tweet about my #DECHOX journey and to say how well (*hopefully*) it is going and any good alternatives I have found and also whether I notice a difference in my weight and health throughout the month. Maybe I will lose a lot, maybe there will not be much change but either way I am willing to have this month as my Queer Eye month where I try and improve all the bad habits that I have gained and trust me there are a lot of them that need changing!

So… this month is not just about me trying to improve my life. To help me get through this month it would mean a lot if you could help support me by donating, even if it is really small, by just clicking the link below and helping the British Heart Foundation be able to conduct more research towards saving lives from heart disease. I believe in love and following your heart but to be able to do that we need to be able to keep them healthy and to be able to help hearts that are in need.

If you are not able to donate but would rather give me some support throughout the month with Aeronaut Art or AeroMail then head over to my Contacts Pageย and send me a message.

This is the link to my JustGiving page and it would mean a lot if I get some Aeronauts love!


Let’s say balls to chocolate and get through this #DECHOX!

Lots of Love,

AJ x

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