Stagey 101: Welcome To The Stage

Hey Aeronauts,

Stagey 101 is a new series that I’ve been wanting to create for a while. The series will be both in written and video form so make sure you’re also subscribed to my YouTube channel, Aeron James.

This series is called “Stagey 101” and, as you have probably guessed, it is all about the theatre industry so from the audience to the band to the cast to backstage and the creative team. This series will include interviews, personal stories, tips, Q&As…basically anything a small stagey guy like me would dream of!



This post, as an introduction, is to both introduce you to the series but also let you in on a few things that are already in the works for the series! I have already had an interview with Kara Tointon and Adrian Edmondson on their upcoming RSC Live broadcast of Twelfth Night, a video talking about the National Theatre’s adaption of Disney’s Pinocchio, a Stagey Dictionary and the Stagey Spaces Guide to London.


I decided to create a few set series on my blog so that it’s easier for you to know what to expect or to be able to navigate to content that you enjoy. The current main series plans are “Stagey 101”, “Dear Aeronauts” & “Disney Dreams”. “Stagey 101” focuses on the stagey side, “Dear Aeronauts” is my diary to you (so a bit more personal) and “Disney Dreams” is all about my Disney love!

Hopefully at least one of these segments intrigues you as my plan is to create as much relevant and interesting content as I can for stagey sorts like me!

Comment below, use my Contact page or message me on social media (@AeronJamesUK on both Twitter & Instagram) with any ideas you have for what you would like to see and I’ll be sure to add them to my  long list of plans!

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Lots of Love,

AJ xxx


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