2018: New Year, New Adventures

Hello Aeronauts,

It’s 2018! It always feels so weird the first week of a new yeah yet it also is quite refreshing. For me, last year was a rollercoaster ride. A lot happened, a lot changed for good and bad, a lot of opportunities appeared.

2017 marked my graduation from university with a BMus(Hons) degree in Professional Music Performance (Vocals and Technical Development), I made the big move to London, I became a Social Ambassador for TodayTix UK, I performed at West End Live and The Other Palace with Musical Theatre Masterclass, I made a ton of new friends and I went to my first Pride event!

There were also some pretty sad moments but that is not what this post is about so let’s get to the main topic which is: What is there to expect in 2018?

Well, I’m not one to be certain that things will happen but I’m planning on a lot happening this year! This blog in particular is one of my priorities as I want to push myself to keep writing and be creative as last year I realised that I was spending so much time either being unproductive or just not focusing on projects I wanted to pursue. Alongside this you can probably figure that my YouTube and other social media accounts will also be a priority as I want to keep building and connecting with the Aeronauts family and meeting new people however this year expect more collaborations with fellow creators and also any brands that I feel that you would all love. I’m also going to look into cool codes and deals I can find for these brands but we’ll see what happens!

I promise you have any ideas for what you’d like to see or if you are a creator/brand and think a collaboration on one of my accounts would be cool the need why not head to my contact me page and let me know or find me on Instagram (@airjp) or Twitter (@airjp).

There will also be a lot of cool theatre content coming this year as I continue my journey as a TodayTix UK Social Ambassador and I’m so excited to see what productions I get to experience but also what great ideas and content I can come up with (and hopefully some with other ambassadors) for you to indulge in!

I think that is all for now, let the adventure begin!

Love you Aeronauts,

AJ xxx


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