Christmas Is Here

Hello Aeronauts,

Christmas Day is here! The day to be spent with family and loved ones, to come together and just to hug and celebrate. I remember when I was little and I was a tad bit too exited about the arrival of Rudolph delivering my presents (Watch my “Being Scared of Santa”  video to understand why it was Rudolph and not Santa) and the excitement of opening presents and watching my family open theirs.

Although I’ve been to uni the past two years, this was the first Christmas season where I was living independently in London post-graduation trying to be an adult. This also means it was the first year where trying to get a proper Christmas break and getting home proved a lot more difficult and this Christmas week I will be spending a lot of time on trains commuting as I decided that I wanted to maximise as much time as I can to be with my loved ones.

Christmas has became a different thing in my eyes now. It has became a time where I can turn off all of my other focuses such as career, dating etc and purely focus on relaxing and focus on ensuring that those I love have a great time and are okay. I love being able to see the love that my parents have for me in how much effort they put into the season and presents but also then I can take time to ensure that I show the same back to them. It’s the time when I know for certain I’ll get to see my extended family or hear from friends I haven’t spoken to for a few months. It’s a time where I can let the chapter of the year start to close and get ready for the next. To forgive, move on and focus on things that I actually care about. To allow myself to re-calibrate and forgive myself for the things I’ve not been the greatest at and then use these things to work towards improvement.

This blog post is mainly to say that I feel that Christmas is a very personal thing to a lot of people and that everyone has their own traditions. A lot of people can sometimes neglect just how special it is that for that day everyone is purely focusing on giving love and being happy with those they love. Cherish the moments that you get as they’re the memories that last. I think for me this warm feeling that I’m experiencing today is making me remember that I need to try and make time for this throughout the next year to happen more often and to remind myself that I can say no to extra work or things I don’t particularly want to do if I know that my body needs family time or just time to relax and recuperate.

I hope that you’re all having a wonderful festive season. Even in the harder ones, there will always be some light.

Love you all,

AJ xxx

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