The One With The New Blog

Hello Aeronauts,

Well this is new…so I decided that after a long time of pondering and dreaming I would finally get my own website which also meant finding a more permanent and useful location for my blog!

My old posts can all still be found here and I’m planning on keeping that space public as I’m a lover of nostalgia however everything new will be found at

My plan with my blog is to write posts that either add more context or go into more detail about the content that I release on other platforms. There will also probably be a lot more frequent blog posts and discussions about things that are on my mind also but we shall see how I go and how productive I become. Hopefully from these posts you will see me as an amalgamation of a style blogger, lifestyle blogger, Disney blogger, theatre blogger, gay blogger and now also a London blogger. Hopefully you like that blend of topics and will enjoy the ride!

So all in all: Welcome to the new Aeron James Blog and I hope that you enjoy my new website (It’s still a work in progress but I’m excited for it to grow).


AJ x

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